Style Tip: Mixing Patterns for the Dapper Beardsman

Some guys seem to have a direct line into current trends. They rock stripes and a bow tie while everyone is still on skinnies and button ups. They had short, back and sides in primary school and haven’t changed hairstyles since. They have their fingers firmly on the pulse of steeze while the rest of us can’t even find the vein.

Whether it be taste, intuition or research (or a combination of the three) these bastards are constantly ahead of the pack, leaving the rest of us to pant – freshly unfashionable – in their wake.

Luckily, there are four simple rules you can follow to assure you have a fresh looking outfit, because with dressing, like anything in life, it is best to know the rules before you break them. We will be using cravats, bowties, pocket squares and beards to emphasise these commandments.


Whether polkadots, skulls or tiny little beards, they can either be gold or minefields when added to an outfit. When rocking the dots, try to steer your match away from stripes or even solid colour, less you want to looks like a three year olds duvet set. Rather follow this guy and add a bit of pattern with a pocket square to offset the youth of the spots. Likewise with stripes.

Spots & Stripes


People like consistency. It is human nature to seek comfort in patterns – it is our way of ordering the world. When you pair colours from the same palette you offer the mind placation from the chaos of everyday life. This green low-neck jumper matched with the darker shaded bow tie offers the perfect refuge. Patterns and size are of less importance than actual colour grading, as long as one piece is more solid than the other, and they don’t contrast too starkly, you will be aesthetically interesting without becoming chaotic.

Matching Colours


Most of the time, if you have a grandiose accessory that shouts for attention it is best to provide a solid background for it to dance in. However, every rule should be broken. And with the man to the left, who looks like a super hero version of Joaquin Phoenix, busy and busy is definitely the right break from convention. 



This is pretty obvious and was basically a style rule way before colour was even invented. No matter if you’re rocking print, check or stripe, go for the same pattern with the opposite colours and you will be one sexy transposition.

Positive & Negative

With these simple tips and techniques you will be able to match anything from socks and shirts to bowties and cravats, so no matter if you’re truly aristocratic or just pretending to be – no one is going to be able to tell the difference - Miles Bouchard

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