4 Accessories Every Bearded Man Needs

Like it or not, people judge people by the way they look. The cover actually says a lot about the book – for some readers a picture of Fabio lying delicately on a white sandy beach whispers hidden pleasures await, for others it yells ‘fuck no’ – and rightly so. Appearance matters. After all, eyesight is a legitimate sense and we trust it for many other things.

While what you wear doesn’t immediately pigeonhole you to a subculture – we’ve all met suited hippies or seen a guy in a felt hat and suspenders locking his fixie up outside of Woolworths – your outfit choice can be a direct and enjoyable expression of your personality. Why dress in uniform when you can create? Your inner man should always be spoken about by your clothes, though style isn’t exactly relative, so here are a few tips.


Such an underrated accessory, but fuck they matter. The first thing people look at is your face and if you are wearing those Kanye West shades that look like the horizontal aluminium blinds that my Mum used to hate cleaning you are probably not going to attract the kind of attention you want. Even simplify the mistake to a pair of Ray Bans that create strange angles on your face, or some big black shades that have people wondering where your Labrador is. And while it’s easy to go to any brand shop and grab a pair of mediocre shades, you are squandering your chance to be stylish. So be adventurous, think outside the shaded circles. Wear a flanno, pat a cat and try on some Paris Hilton shades – who knows, it might actually work. For more inspiring man/animal/sunglasses combinations check out @sunday_somewhere.

Sunday Somewhere


The ultimate intersection between style and practicality. Watches were the first ever accessory and until we get iPhones implanted on the back of our eyelids they continue to serve, stylishly. You can’t go wrong with the analog, circle-face with leather strap because with watches, like coffee or Tarantino movies, the beginning is always the best. The rest is up to you – big or small, black or white, brown leather strap or silver – the guys at @threadetiquette, @mvmtwatches and @danielwellington will help you decide.

Thread Etiquette

MVMT Watches

Daniel Wellington 


So it is no secret that trends recycle. In the last decade we have seen the resurgence of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Hip hop, crop tops, circle-faced watches, they are all ‘in’ and whether you think you are a member of the collective consciousness or not, you probably dig this stuff too. And so with watches and sunglasses and music and shirts, shoes have also moonwalked into past trends. Enter the @nike Roshe, a throwback to 1970s sneakers with enough modernization to be comfortable and enough antiquity to be steezy as fuck.

Nike Roshe 


Finally, the suit. The carpet that brings the room together. All these other tips are worthless if you misjudge your suit. It is the anchor to any outfit, the captain of the manship. Fit is the most important quality. That puffy-shouldered Navy Blue ill-fitting Roger David suit you wore to your Debutante ball should be amongst one of the most important lessons you learnt at school. When buying a suit, keep in mind what image you are trying to pull off (examples here: @jacklondon_official), because your suit is your second skin, your plumage, and you need to show off the right feathers.

Jack London 


Of course we can't lose sight of how important it is to keep our beards looking their finest. Check out Buccaneer Grooming's range of premium beard oil, moustache wax, beard scissors, beard combs and beard grooming kits.

Beard Grooming Products

So don’t waste such an important mode of self-expression. Be creative, experiment and look cool. And if you fail at all these you can just do what Diplo does.

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