The Beard Brush: How to Choose and Use

Bearding truly is the summit of manliness. But if you are going to maintain your position on top you need certain core supplies. Namely, beard oil, beard scissors and a beard brush.

First of all, if you are yet to take brush to beard – do it. Even for the most lazy and primal of bearders, brushing is simple, easy and offers a list of benefits that are hard to ignore. Brushing won’t inhibit your rawness either; it is great way to keep your beard healthy while maintaining a natural look.

Brushing your beard redistributes the oils found naturally in your skin and hair, which basically self-regulate your chin-friend keeping it soft, smooth and moisturized. If you are using beard oil, the brush will distribute it evenly leaving every single hair smelling and feeling great.

Brushing also tames the fuck out of your beard. When you slide the bristles through they redirect all the hairs into directional conformity – and beard hairs look thicker and stronger when they hunt in a pack. This activity will now teach your hair how to grow in the right direction.

And the brush is the natural enemy of itchy beard, beardruff and hobo beard – and will alleviate all of their negative symptoms. 

How to choose a beard brush

The hair on your face is different to the hair on your head. It is coarser, grows at strange angles and like an abandoned sponge on public transport, it accumulates dust, dirt, and all the world’s debris inside its curls. Therefore, face hair needs special attention, needs to be cared for differently. Your wife’s drug store brush is not going to suffice.

Firstly, length of bristle is important. The difference between boars hair and your average brush, is that with boars hair each bristle is cut at different lengths. Beard hairs are unruly, unmanageable and unlike head hair, they grow at different lengths. With a boars hair brush you will reach the hairs at every level of your beard which will give you a more effective and more even brush per stroke.

Your brush per stroke rate is important because:

  1. It lowers the number of times you need to brush your beard – this improves the long term health of your beard and reduces the occurrence of split ends. This will also reduce the necessity for trimming, which helps if you are aiming to grow a proper lumberjack yeard.
  2. Less time spent brushing beard = more time spent being with beard.

Secondly, the true power of the boars hair brush over its synthetic counterpart, or even beard combs, is that it has a natural ability (it’s in the hair) to trap oil and distribute it equally throughout your beard – which helps it to be straight, soft and healthy.

Finally, boars hair brushes basically clean your beard too. Their densely packed bristles remove the life dirt – oil, dirt and dust – keeping your face tidy and clean between washes.

Here at Buccaneer Grooming, we stock two types of beard brushes made from natural boars hair:

Kent Beard Brush PF22  Kent Beard Brush BRD2

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How to brush your beard

The actual brushing process is pretty simple.

Brush after a shower – but wait for your beard to dry first.

Brushes can be aggressive, so only brush once a day, mornings are best, any more may damage your beard.

Brush straight down to elongate your beard, then brush from underneath upwards to perk it up and give it body.

Clean your brush once a week so that you’re not replacing all the scum you clean out. Do a dry clean – pull out the hairs with your fingers, and then brush your brush with a brush (or comb), to make sure it’s fresh.

Once a month wet wash the brush with water, massage the bristles to help remove any dirt and grime, and then leave it facedown to air dry.

So now you know how to clean the beard, maintain the beard, and teach the beard – all you have to do is sit on-top the man-peak and let it grow.

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    Tips are noted . Now its time to fix my patchy beard . Great work . Thanks !!

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