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Dealing with itchy beard

Whether you’re genetically predisposed, overusing treatments, or neglecting your chin skin, the unsightly plague of dandruff can be fatal to your beard crops.Beardruff

If any of these are familiar, read on.

  • The embarrassment of a colleague pointing out the crumbs in your beard when all you ate was fruit.
  • The disgust from your wife or a lover when intimacy is smothered by a skin shower.
  • The irritation of an army of itchy skin slowly peeling from your face.

These historical afflictions have driven the noblest men to the cliffs of Beardicide.

Luckily, with access to multidirectional bearded communication – i.e. the internet – beardruff, is a thing of the past.

Firstly, the main cause of head-and-shoulders dandruff is your scalp’s reaction to a fungus that feeds on your natural sebum. Beardruff has nothing to do with fungus. So don’t use chemical, paraben-laced dandruff shampoos on your beard. These agents are brewed to kill fungus and with no fungus to fight they will irritate your skin.

Beardruff is caused by your face skin’s reaction to being covered in a beard. For many, your skin will adapt easily to nocturnal existence and equilibrate by altering its natural oil production. Unfortunately, for others, the skin beneath your beard will respond to its newfound darkness with dry, flaky protestations.

The most common reaction to beardruff is to wash the shit out of it. Chances are you have done this and made it worse. Bombarding your beard with an arsenal of chemicals and hot water aggravates the skin beneath, causing it to dry out, start shedding and cease producing its own oils.

Don’t fret, beard hair can repair.

Grab a beard comb and manually exfoliate the flakes. Like a shedding snake rubbing against a tree, a beard comb will massage your skin and pull out the unsightly druff causing your skin’s natural oils to spread throughout your beard. A good beard likes to be combed, so integrate this into your daily routine.

Beard Comb

Wash with cool water. Rinse your beard with cool water. Chances are you shower every day, so try avoid hot water as it can irritate sensitive skin. Instead, gently run cool water through your beard. Cool water cultivates the generation of natural oils which keep your skin moisturised. N.B. After every shower dry your beard thoroughly and attempt to keep your beard clean.

Apply beard oil. Sometimes your skin oil needs support and beard oil is a magical potion for your face. It soothes your skin, hydrates your beard, and straightens and manages your face hair. Good beard oil will be concocted from natural essential oils like jojoba and sweet almond. Apply daily for instant results. For advice on how to apply beard oil check here.

Buy Beard Oil

Apple cider vinegar. Wash with apple cider vinegar once a day with cool water. Apple cider vinegar is one of those miracle liquids that somehow does everything; see also Bicarb Soda and Beer.

Natural dandruff shampoo. This is a last resort. There are many shampoo oligarchs who will take your money and leave your beardruff so that you keep buying their product. After months of internet trawling and testing I found that the best anti-dandruff shampoos include salicylic acid. Acid is a scary term but in this case it simply means a substance derived from white willow or evergreen leaves – not too intimidating, and basically the safest stuff you can apply to your skin and beard.

Within two weeks you will have finished your shedding cycle and your chin will emerge a mighty anaconda. And if it doesn’t you should probably see a doctor.

To maintain youthful and druff-free, apply beard oil daily, rinse with cold water and never shave. – Miles Bouchard

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