The Kent Comb: Not All Combs are Created Equal

Beard Combs

Beneath the great shadow of awesomeness cast by the combined edifices of Beard Oil and Mo Wax, the comb’s utility is often eclipsed or forgotten. While the might and mastery of the hand-sawn comb is still revered in many humble bearding communities, cheap drug store combs have successfully beguiled our savvy consumer consciousness and are destroying beards worldwide.

A good comb vs. a bad comb is like comparing a tasty loaf of sourdough wood-fired by a grizzly old German with some Homebrand white slice sold for a dollar at Woolies. It’s the difference between the delicate fingers of an angel gliding through your chin-hair and a hobo’s greasy claw trawling it for crumbs.   

Cheap combs snag and maim because they are made by machines in dilapidated factories somewhere in South East Asia – and machines and sweatshop workers don’t give a fuck about your beard. During the manufacturing process, hot recycled plastic is squirted into a mould, allowed to harden in the form of a comb and then packed, shipped and sold.

There is no finishing work, no polishing and no love. This leaves the tines with jagged fissures which damage your beard. The microscopic bastards will rip out your hard-grown beard hairs, tangle them, cause split ends and make you look like a bum.   

Enter Kent Combs, the gentleman’s choice. G B Kent & Sons Ltd is one of the oldest established companies in Great Britain and has been crafting combs since 1777.

Kent combsmiths start with a good quality plastic blank. They handsaw each individual tine while being careful not to catch their glorious beards in their sophisticated tools. The teeth are then sculpted and polished which smoothens the micro-fissures, effectively compressing and supressing their potential threat to your beard.

When you glide a Kent comb through your beard you know its worth – it’s smooth, clean and gentle.  It’s so effortless that the only sign that the comb is actually combing is the sensuous song that’s generated by the symphony of its friction – and also a badass looking beard.

These combs have sturdy teeth that never bend or snap, providing a more thorough and permanent hair redirection that won’t reform into face-fuzz the moment you walk out the door.

And the Kentsmiths craft three types of beard combs:

The large comb with fine & coarse teeth – the everyday hero, best kept on a bathroom shelf.

Large Beard Comb

The folding pocket comb – walk and comb, drive and comb, desk and comb, home and comb.

Folding Beard Comb


The mo comb – master of the upper lip.

Moustache Comb

While Kent combs are a couple of dollars more than the cheap plastic ones, they are as essential to your beard as both beer and women. So don’t pinch pennies from your beard crops because the first place that your depravity will show is on your face. - Miles Bouchard

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