The 'Beardstache': An Overview

The Beardstache

It may be winter down under but here at Buccaneer Grooming, we've been keeping an eye on the summer beard trends of our northern hemisphere counterparts. Only last week, bearded models Chris John Millington and Jeff Buonchristiano shocked the world by trimming their beards to leave just 'stache and stubble'. Hence the term 'beardstache'. 

Actor Jamie Dornan from Fifty Shades of Grey was spotted sporting his 'beardstache' recently on Instagram.

Jamie Dornan Insta

The London Evening Standard claimed that "the 'beardstache' is this summer's hottest grooming trend." The question is, will we see this sort of experimentation in Australia? And if so, when? After all, experimenting with facial hair is a man's birth right. We do it, simply because we can.

Chris John Millington Before Insta   Chris John Millington After Insta

Chris John Millington before and after.

Summer can be a tough time for many beards, particularly in the hot Australian summer. London based newspaper The Telegraph even asserted that "the beard is dead, long live the 'beardstache'." Lets not freak out and get all silly and shave our beards lads. Razor sales were down 3.6% in 2014 and nearly every ad features a bearded man somewhere, just like this one:

We don't believe the beard trend is showing any signs of slowing. We certainly don't see the beard trend being threatened by the 'beardstache'. In fact, we see the 'beardstache' as a way for men to use their birth right to experiment further with more styles. Just like model Jeff Buoncristiano.

Jeff Buoncristiano Before Insta   Jeff Buoncristiano After Insta

Getting rid of thy beard is a big step. Those that opt for the 'beardstache' are kind of hanging on and saying "yep, I've still got this." 

Model Joel Alexander should've considered the 'beardstache'. At the advice of his modelling agency, Joel opted to completely shave his beard and as a consequence, lost 8,000 Twitter followers the same day.

Joel Alexandar Before Insta   Joel Alexander After Insta

So it's over to you. Will you opt for the 'beardstache', go completely shaven, or carry on with the glorious beard? Your beard's destiny is in your hands. Whatever you choose, do it for yourself and carry on being #recklesslyadventurous. For me, long live thy beard, trendy or not.


  • Wellgroomedguy

    Hmmm, not a good look guys sorry, time to step down.

  • Beardybloke

    These guys were made famous because of their beards, they are now trying to start a new trend but, sorry guys, this is not the one, you look like just ordinary guys now, I had that look years ago as did many others, just looks dated before it begins…Jamie was never known for his beard so is a bit of a red herring.

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