AFL Beards

Finals season is upon us, and thus, once again, us common spectators must pledge our allegiances to our teams, judge all the ref calls with utmost scrutiny and derision, and decide on the best and beardest player of them all.

Jimmy Bartel - Geelong

Jimmy Bartel Beard

Jimmy has been growing this beast all season to raise funds for domestic violence sufferers. Legend.

Max Gawn - Melbourne

Max Gawn Beard 

Hidden in Gawn’s beastly beard and his cheeky smile (which is also hidden beneath the beard) is the essence of the Aussie larrikin.

Tim Mohr – Greater Western Sydney

Tim Mohr 

Whether it is the man bun, moustache, full crusader or mane, Timmy has tried every style and ruled them all.

Cyril Rioli - Hawthorne

Cyril Rioli Beard

Rioli’s blood is pure AFL greats, and he continues his family’s legacy in both skill and beard.

Jarrad McVeigh - Sydney

Jarrad McVeigh Beard

In AFL draft camp he was the master of the beep test,  and now he is the master of the beard test.

Curtly Hampton – Adelaide

Curtly Hampton Beard 

In a team surrendering to razors, the small goatee beard is king.

Will Schofield – West Coast

Will Schofield Beard 

The number one defender of both goals and manliness.

Jordan Roughhead – Western Bulldogs

Jordan Roughead 

Rough head, rough beard, ruffian.

This battle of the beards competition, unlike the finals is close, but no close shave, so we have chosen three winners:

The Viking Beard: Max Gawn

The Prettiest Beard: Tim Mohr

Most Altruistic Beard: Jimmy Bartel

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