An Interview with Tommy Franklin

Who I Am

My name is Thomas Leonard Franklin, Tommy for short, Tommy Franklin for not so short. I'm a guy that likes to focus on the good things in life, because it's more than easy to remember the not so good stuff sometimes. I feel like the reason I'm still here is to give a smile to whoever I can in whichever way I can.

What I do

I like to dance, you could say I'm obsessed. This obsession has been leading me down a wild path and has had me dancing for a wage over the past few years. I like letting the music call the shots when it comes to moving my body. I take sillyness seriously and encourage others to do the same. I achieve this either by simply doing what I do (dancing) or through dance workshops. I'm also a story teller; I think I get that from my old man. The turbulent trail I have walked and survived surprisingly has made me want to share my story. I've had the privilege of doing so in many schools across Australia, New Zealand & Europe, and I've spoken at youth events and corporate functions. I also like to get weird in the wardrobe department.

Where I live

Currently I'm in Spain and have been here for almost a year. Before this I lived in Byron Bay NSW Australia for seven years, it's such an incredible place. People travel from all four corners of the globe all year round to see its beauty and to feel its good vibes. In saying this I might spend some time with the fam on the Central Coast when I get back as I haven't seen them much over the years. And in saying that, where do I live? Well, I'm alive, and I'm right here so I usually live wherever I am.

Why I Beard

That's a top question! I sold suits for four years, shaving and slicking my hair back every day. I got over it. When I moved to Byron I deliberately left my razor back home. My hair and beard grew out and to a straight laced commoner, I probably looked like $h!t. Though I adopted a mentality a while back – what people think of me is none of my business. If someone isn't going to speak to me because I look like a stereotype with a beard then they're not worth talking to. I love not trying rigorously to fit into the norm. Plus, I hate shaving. I feel it is unnatural scraping metal across your neck and face. And lastly, I'm a proud supporter and ambassador for Beard Season, a foundation a buddy of mine "Jimmy Niggles" started to raise awareness against skin cancer, by growing out the face mane. One in four Australians die each year from melanoma. So get a skin check bra, you too sister... Thanks for reading my joyous rant!

Lots of love töMMÿ fRãNkŁ!Ñ xo

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