[INFOGRAPHIC] 15 Great Reasons to Grow & Keep a Beard

To beard or not to beard?

Seems like stupid questions do exist after all.

For those teetering on the edge of growing a beard asking themselves “should I go all out and grow a beard?”, we’ve got the ideal infographic for you (and for those beardsmen who didn’t quite realise how great their man mane actually is).

Well, here’s the deal.

We all get that beards look pretty darn epic but they actually help you out a lot more than you’d think.

Only recently has news emerged that they hold the secret to new “disease fighting anti-biotics”, but it’s been long known that they help maintain more youthful skin, cutting the chances of developing skin cancer and slashes the risk of oncoming infection.

They don’t only help you to live a healthier lifestyle, but they give you the upperhand with first impressions too. A range of studies have found that bearded men are more trustworthy, more masculine and are considered of higher social status too (as well as being more attractive).

Find out even more benefits of owning a beard in the infographic below (supplied by beardsmen.co.uk).

15 Beard Health Benefits

So treat your beard the way it should be treated with our range of beard grooming products.

Beard grooming products

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