The Definitive Guide to Beard Oil

Like the outer edges of the universe, the world of beard oil is massive, ever expanding and super confusing. Nowadays, there are more beard oil companies than Pokemon Go players, or at least it seems like it, so navigating the swamps of the internet in search for the perfect accompaniment to your beard often leaves you finding more Zubats than Mewtwos.

So you need a guide, a beardedex, so that you’re not left groping in the darkness in search of that perfect oil. But first, before we begin to deconstruct the maelstrom that is beard oil products, we have to go back to the origin, where it all started – the beard.

Where Beard Oil Came From

Beard oil is a relatively new creation. Years ago, the rugged-animal look was the only option for your beard. Personal grooming for men was deemed unnecessary, kinda weird and ultimately unmanly. Then well groomed beards came along – I assume they arrived in horses and carriages, smoking pipes and chuckling at one another’s witticisms – but that information is impossible to ascertain. And beard oil became an invaluable tool to their success.

It all started with Native Americans who due to their harsh, dry climate, mixed oils to keep their beards soft and moisturized. Though it wasn’t until the prosperous 1930’s that beard oil became a product that was commercially produced – thanks Industrial Revolution.

In the last 10 years, beard oil use has grown exponentially to its current state where it has diversified to include a variety of scents, bottles, sizes and uses. Beard oil searches grew 1000% in the last two years alone.

Basically, beards just became popular. The stigmas of bearded hippy, criminal and genocidal maniac, have been washed away by the dapper gentleman, and the beard has become a symbol of manliness, professionalism and steeze. All the celebrity’s A-list caught on, the cool guys, the trend setters, and beards trickled down into the collective style.

This is partially due to the growing awareness of prostate cancer in the form of Movember and Decembeard. These facial growing months turned into facial growing years and lifetimes, and suddenly the beard became a thing, and with it, beard oil. 

What is Beard Oil

The name isn’t a riddle, it does not need to be deciphered or fact checked, or even analysed – beard oil is oil for your beard. However, the nomenclature is where the simplicity ends. Like I said, beard oil is a universe.

On their most basic level, beard oils are a mix of carrier oils and essential oils. However, sometimes they will have added fragrances and vitamins for scent and beard nutrients.

The combination of ingredients is dependent on the purpose of the beard oil – does it condition hair, moisturize, help skin conditions such as acne or dry skin, or just smell nice?

The Breakdown

Carrier Oils

Most carrier oils are made of jojoba, argan, grape seed or sweet almond oil or consist all like our 'The Buc' Beard Oil. They are the foundation of beard oil and make up most of the concoction. Their name comes from them ‘carrying’ the essential oils.

Carrier oils have a diverse range of scents and properties and for a guide on each of their individual skills and strengths check out this article.

Why Beard Oil?

Bearding without beard oil is like writing without a pen, it can be done with stones, clay or even a pencil, but these crude tools are ultimately unnecessary and deficient in a modernised world where the superior tool is readily available.


The beginning of a beard is the itchiest. The tiny little hairs are fashioned into tiny little spears from a former lifetime of shaving and they bend round on themselves and start stabbing you in the face. In a couple months they will grow long enough to be dragged down by gravity and eventually alleviate any pain, but in the meantime, it sucks.

Enter beard oil. It conditions your hair which makes it softer and ultimately blunts the spears and takes away their power to itch. It also moisturises dry and flaky skin which will resolve and prevent the dreaded beardruff and assist with acne.

Softens the Beard and Helps you to Manage it

The carrier oils in beard oil make it soft and moisturised. First of all, this helps the aforementioned itchiness. Secondly, it reduces the overall scruffiness, by smoothing out the scraggles. Thirdly, it is the indispensable ticket to grooming. This point needs a little unpacking.

Beard oil conditions and moisturises. The next step in beard maintenance is grooming – basically brushing and combing. Without beard oil, this process will be painful, won’t really do much because the beard hairs will just spring back straight after, and will also tear out your hairs when they are at their biggest, most badass and evolved state. Needless to say, all of these things suck, and beard oil is the perfect remedy.

How to Use Beard Oil

While this is a simple technique, there are a few intricacies to help you get the most out of your beard oil.

How Much

Every beard is like a unique little snowflake, or a fine scotch, no two are the same, and thus it follows that every beard requires a different amount of oil.

The best rule is:

  • Clean cut to a month: 3 to 4 drops
  • One to three months: 4 to 6 drops
  • Three to twelve months: 6 to 10 drops
  • Twelve months plus: 10 drops and up

If you live in a dry or cold climate your beard might need more, so be attentive to your beard, and provide it with what it needs.

How to Apply

Although beard oil is nice to lather throughout the day, or whenever you see fit, the best time is right after you shower and just after your beard is dry. Your pores will be open and receptive, thus absorbing the oil more effectively.

Drop your desired amount of oil onto your hands and rub them together. Now glide your fingers through your beard, massage it into your face making sure to feed it to the dry skin and neglected hair under the chin.

Now grab a brush or beard comb and spread it evenly so every follicle is drenched with sustenance. Then work it in whatever style you want as your beard will now be malleable, receptive to the comb, and maintain whatever position you choose.

Which Beard Oil?

It’s basically impossible to not be biased in this section, but when you spend years crafting a perfect beard oil recipe and every day when you look in the mirror your beard says ‘fuck yeah’, nepotism becomes justified.


At its most fundamental level the question of ingredients is a question of natural vs. processed. All of nature’s products are most effective and valuable in their original version and that is why all good beard oils will just be a combination of carrier oils without any added synthetic chemicals such as silicon – which only damage your beard.


So you’re basically wearing this thing on your face all day which makes the scent very important because not only does that mean it is close to your nose, but also other people’s noses. Scent is about combining the right essential oils to produce a smell that is longlasting, enjoyable but not overbearing. We combined the earthy delights of sandalwood with the freshness of lemongrass and the power of peppermint to create a beard oil that satisfies all olfactory systems.


Brand is about size. The bigger the company the more mass produced the product. The smaller, the less power they have to collect the right ingredients or time they have to ensure that every bottle is blended to perfection. 

If you are looking for a beard oil that satisfies all of these qualities then look no further than 'The Buc’ Beard Oil. Our signature blend, which is the Quasar of the universe and the all-mighty Zapdos of the pokiverse, is the alpha beard oil that will keep you coming back for more.  

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