Why Buccaneer Beard Oil is Way Better than Whatever Beard Oil You’re Using

As the popularity of beards surges forward – dispelling myths about peak beard and continuing to silence the complaints of disgruntled wives – the need for beard oil is increasing. And with this demand comes supply and thus the rise of thousands of beard oil companies all claiming to be ‘the best’.

So we thought we’d lay down some facts to state our case.

Though there never was any competition.


The most important question when assessing a product is: are their ingredients natural or mass produced? As the industrial revolution moves further into our past, the public dislike for tacky, cheap and short-lived products is becoming universal. Fuck plastic. We want quality, we want resilience – we want things that last.

Some douche bag sucking on 2L of coke while his sweaty fingers squirm through a bag of Cheetos will probably argue between mouthfuls that everything is natural – “because it all comes from the earth,” right? Well the difference between natural and mass produced products is basically a question of processing – how much has the ingredient been altered from its natural form.  And it is a pretty fucking big difference.

Rice and sautéed vegetables are are a hell of a lot better for you than reheated fishfingers and some instant mash conjured from a sachet. And thus it follows, that the quality of your beard oil is found in its level of processing and Buccaneer Grooming’s Beard Oil is literally all-natural.

We basically gather essential and carrier oils from the world – sweet almond, grape seed, jojoba, argan, sandalwood, peppermint, and lemongrass – each with their own invaluable attribute, then mix them into the perfect ratio, bottle and send. We don’t heat, we don’t alter, we don’t tamper. We trust nature. The simplest form of each of these ingredients is where they are most effective. 

Many beard oil companies add silicon. Silicon is fucked. Silicon-based products will initially soften your hair but they accomplish this in all the wrong ways. Instead of strengthening the follicles with the power of nature, they coat the hair, which actually weakens it and dries it out – which then requires more oil.

The natural ingredients in Buccaneer Grooming’s Beard Oil have been carefully selected, tested and blended to be suitable for any beard, at any size, on any man. They are good for your skin, your hair and for your smell.


Once you have perfected a beard oil that conditions, moisturizes and strengthens your hair, the next task is scent. Besides taste, smell is probably the most subjective of senses. Everyone has their particular preference. Though, we think we have nailed a scent to appeal to all. We have found the universal smell. 

It wasn’t easy. We spent countless weeks mixing and blending a combination of natural essential oils to find the perfect balance. A scent that you can wear all day, a scent that you will never get sick of, a scent to rule all scents.

Some beard oils fail at this. Actually most. They often produce a smell that is too pungent and overpowering – rendering cologne redundant and ruining your ability to tell the difference between lavender and rotten eggs. Others will use artificial ingredients that smell like they were made in a laboratory.

‘The Buc’ Beard Oil is subtle, delicious and ultimately moreish. The smell is actually quite addictive with fresh lemongrass and subtle hints of peppermint and sandalwood. But as its only side-affects are an awesome looking beard and more female attention the vice is worth adding to your collection.

Our Company

“Who the hell is making this?” seems to be another question forcing its way into the public discourse. We are no longer willing to sacrifice our consumer dollars to some oligarch conglomerate Colgate corporation with overpaid board members and underpaid staff bent on creating shitty products based on bottom dollar logic.

We are realizing that the little power we have in this world – besides the hollow privilege of voting for who we hate less to run our country once every three years – lies in where we spend our cash and one of our only mechanism for change. Basically dictating who has the power.

Thus, the source of our products becomes essential. Buccaneer Grooming’s Beard Oil is created by a small team of bearded gents, who are real people with real beards and real lives. We create this stuff because the market didn’t satisfy our beards, our minds and our ethics, not because we saw an opportunity to expand our product range or increase our revenue margins. We simply craved a good beard oil – so we made one.

Our beard oil is small batch origin, has been trialed and tested, and we use it every day because it works. Our customers are equally satisfied and their reviews continue to be a testament to the quality of our product. We nailed it, and continue to do so, and this is why our beard oil is better than yours.



So give it a try. Use the code 'ILOVEMYBEARD' at checkout for 15% off:

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