About Us

Our Story Starts Here

In November (or should I say 'Movember'?) of 2011, I embarked on a very important journey. A journey to raise funds for men's mental health and prostate cancer, through the now famous Australian (and global) charity, Movember. It was really the first time in my life that I could grow a little bit of upper lip fluff and not be completely embarrassed. But it turned out, my facial hair wasn't as 'scraggly' as I first thought and I might have a bit of potential.
After getting through Movember and raising a few measly bucks, I thought there must be more I can do. So, I decided to keep growing the moustache until the end of the following Movember and use it as a talking point to bring much needed awareness to the Movember cause. I ended up raising a few thousand dollars. Although not a huge amount, it was something I was really proud of.
I shaved my moustache off at the end of Movember 2012. I cried. It was a terrible feeling of guilt. It was as if I'd lost a part of me. Immediately, I decided to embark on my next journey - the yeard. 
In late 2012 I started growing my first beard. After a couple of months, it went from being brown to red. It was scraggly and rough looking. Everyone in my family and my colleagues kept telling me that I looked ridiculous and that I should shave it.
This hurt my feelings (Im a sensitive soul). I wondered "why do people judge someone so heavily for having a beard?" I very quickly realised that there was a stigma associated with beards. It's not until you grow one that you start realising that society loves to force people who are a little different back into line. There are big conglomerates making millions from the societal pressure that you must shave. I mean, it's even called 'clean shaven'!
Eventually, this stigma and pressure from all around me to conform simply spurred me on. My beard was a badge of honour. It told the world that I wasn't going to conform and that I was going to be myself and do whatever made me happy. So I kept going and boy have I never looked back.
Rhys in NZ

The Birth of Buccaneer Grooming

I've always felt like I'm a bit of a lucky guy. I have an amazing family and come from a very humble and supportive family. In stumbling across Buccaneer Grooming, I felt pretty lucky. Lucky in the way that I could do something I'm passionate about and genuinely try to make a difference.

A mate and I were sharing a beer. My mate was at a very similar place to me in his beard growing journey. We were chatting about beer, sport and of course, beards. He asked me if I'd tried beard oil. I must've had the most perplexed look on my face as at this point in time I had no idea what beard oil was.

After trying some, I immediately loved the concept. I could see it's potential as a product as it was really helpful in moisturising the skin (I have very dry skin), keeping the beard smelling good and keeping it healthy and growing. But what I didn't like was the lack of quality Australian companies offering it at an affordable price and at a high quality. Many people selling beard oil had very obviously setup shop from home, mixed a few oils together and were in it to make a quick buck. They weren't in it to empower men to be confident in themselves.

On the back of this research and a lot more, I bought nearly every beard oil, moustache wax and beard product from around the world to try out. Some were good, but most were average. So I decided to do something about it.

I teamed up with a boutique cosmetic manufacturer in Brisbane, Australia. They had a lot of experience in creating organic and natural cosmetic products and I was confident that they'd be the right partner to work with in developing my own products. After multiple samples and a lot of back and forth, we were ready to launch our first two products - 'The Buc' beard oil and moustache wax with our famous scent of lemongrass, sandalwood and peppermint.

Beard St

Our Product Ethos

At Buccaneer Grooming, we take pride in what we do. This stems from the products we make, the products we stock from other companies, the content we provide and the service we provide you, our customer.

We've literally sailed the seven seas to find the best products and ingredients on the market and they're tested by real blokes who not only have beards, but believe in being yourself.

All of our products are designed to help you be confident enough to walk the plank and dive head first.

Our beard oil and moustache wax range is made from all natural and organic ingredients in absurdly small batches and have a really invigorating scent. Our beard combs and brushes are made by Kent Combs in the UK who have been around since the 1800's. On top of this, our beard scissors come from DOVO in Sollingen, Germany. DOVO used to make medieval swords, so they certainly know a thing or two about crafting metals into the best darn beard scissors you can buy.

We back our products, because we've used them, time and time again. We know what quality feels like. We know that this feeling empowers confidence and will help our customers be who they want to be.

Beard Products

Our Vision

We're tired of men with beards having to deal with the societal pressures of conformity. At the end of the day, to grow a beard is a man's choice. It shouldn't be left to our partner, our boss, or our families to decide. We should be empowered to be ourselves no matter what.

We want to provide great quality products that empower men to be who they want to be. Through this, we want to educate beardsmen on how to look after their beards so we can remove the stigma that 'beards are dirty' or 'beards are for homeless people'. We know that through education and good grooming, we can change the world's perception of beards, one beard at a time.

Final Thoughts

Join us and sail free from the storm of shabby, towards beardtopia and come drink warm rum with the Buccaneers.

Because there isn’t much left.